MRG Pop-Up Race #2!

August 28, 2021

70ish // 45ish // 30ish mile routes

This event is participatory.
You are not required to participate.
You probably shouldn't participate.

Pop-Up Outlaw
Gravel Race #2

An outlaw // unsanctioned gravel race, preparing you for the upcoming fall gravel races. By paying the $10 cash entry fee and/or participating you are willingly assuming all personal risks to yourself, your bike, and anyone & everything in the entire universe.

WTF Did I Just Agree To?

  • Race starts Saturday August 28, 8:15 a.m. in Beggs, Oklahoma.
  • Don't be a dick. Wait for the race official to start the race.
  • Race like you mean it!
  • Use caution at intersections.
  • Bring a few beers/drinks to throw into the communal coolers for the finish line. We have plenty of water. Bring other goodies.
  • RSVP on the Ride Alert app.

But Seriously: Race Hard. Stay Safe. Don't be a Dick!

What is the Route?

There are no course markings. Load up the routes on your GPS head-unit. All routes are organized as a single collection on Ride w/ GPS.

Routes on
Ride w/ GPS

70ish // 45ish// 30ish
mile routes

Anything Else?

Some perks of the Pop-Up Race:

Follow vehicle - 70ish mile route
Water stop - 45/70ish mile routes
Brats grilling at the finish line
Photographer(s) on course
confirmed not confirmed

Can I Help?

Yes! If you'd like to volunteer at the water stop, grilling, follow vehicle, or photography, DM us on IG: @motherroadgravel or email at the bottom of this page.


Any other questions? DM us on IG: @motherroadgravel or email at the bottom of this page.

Mother Road Gravel