Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

Bristow, Oklahoma

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Classic cars were the original gravel grinders along Route 66, The Mother Road. With progress, paved highways were built, leaving gravel roads in the dust. Then... came the bikes. Bikes made for gravel. Grinding new life into The Mother Road.

With bikes grinding new life into The Mother Road, we must continue to grow. We’ve already seen cycling evolve and adapt to the gravel life. Yet for all the gravel-stoke, we have barely scratched the surface of possibilities. And oh my do we have an itch we need to scratch.

The Itch to Race

All the major gravel events are open to everyone. Whether you are a former World Tour cyclist or have just ridden your first gravel ride, you are welcome to line up with them all. But, have you noticed a common theme? The front of the pack is racing like they are all fighting for the last spot on a UCI team.

The strongest gravel grinders are known by first name. Ted. Colin. Rebecca. Amity. We all know them. They are fast AF. And each have made careers on the gravel scene... by racing.

Scratching That Itch

Mother Road Gravel recognizes there will always be a contingent of bad-asses tearing up the gravel at nearly every event. We're here to provide ya'll with an outlet to scratch that itch!

We're gonna scratch that itch with a racing twist. All the while putting the team back in cycling team with three person teams all launching en masse. Drag racing each other along 100+ miles of gravel goodness. Where the combined aggregate time of the entire team determines the overall team winner.

We're all about inclusiveness and have races for those who prefer racing mano-y-mano. Come on out and see if you can beat the teams at their own game.

Gettin' itchy? Us too!

Bring your team tactics. You're gonna need 'em if you'll stand atop the podium as the baddest mother fuckin' gravel team around.

More Than Just Racing

The other 90% of us simply want to have a good time on gravel without racing. Just a good day out on the bike with friends, and friends we have yet to meet. Don’t let our racing bravado turn you away from Mother Road Gravel.

We’ve got you covered. All the amenities from camping, to a mid-route Oasis, neutral mechanical support, post-ride BBQ. And beer! Did we forget to mention the beer? Actually, we forgot to mention the whiskey and tequila! For those of you with a clearer head than most, we'll have non-alcoholic beverages in our wells.

The only question left to ask

Will you have the legs to fuel your way to our Finisher's Paradise ?

Mother Road Gravel