Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

We get it. Some of us just want to get out on our bikes and race. We have an itch to scratch, but it seems everywhere we look these days our road races are disappearing faster than our hairlines.

3-Person Team Race

We believe cycling is a team sport. We believe a team is everyone, not just one teammate crossing the line first. And we're gonna put our money where the gaping holes in our head blow hot air.

Introducing a new twist with a side of teamwork: The 3-Person Team Race! The team race is the marquee event of Mother Road Gravel.

So, shut-up and come take our money! But you'll need all 3 teammates to finish before you can lay claim to the throne.

Men's Team Race

Co-Ed Team Race

Women's Team Race

What is This?

Three bad-asses come together to prove once and for all who the baddest mother fuckin’ gravelists are on the entire planet.

What This is Not?

This is not a Team Time Trial. Nope. Not in the least. All 3-person teams start en masse. Employing every team tactic in their arsenal.

All rules are for the 3-person team race.

There are no other races other than the 3-person team race.

Rules of the Race

All members of a 3-person team must wear the same matching jersey; preferably the same kits. No exceptions.

If a cycling team enters more than one 3-person team, then each 3-person team must wear distinctly different jerseys; preferably entirely different kits. No exceptions. Not abiding by this rule will result in only one 3-person team allowed to race; the other team(s) will be allowed to move into the grinder category by paying the race-day difference pricing.

Race is scored by the lowest total aggregate time of the 3-person team completing the entire route. No short-cuts ya smart-asses! In other words, all members of the 3-person team must finish to be considered for podiums & payouts.

Although all teams depart en masse, teams are not required to ride together nor finish together. However, all team members must finish the entire route. Go ahead and use team tactics!

Co-Ed teams must include at least 1 male and 1 female team member.

Each category starts separately, en masse.

All competitors are assigned the same start time in their respective category.

Absolutely no support vehicles are allowed anywhere near the course for any reason other than picking up cyclists having abandoned the race.

Absolutely no outside support will be allowed, including at the Oasis or any other feed zone. Although the race is self-supported, assistance is allowed from other competitors and neutral support provided by the race.

Although outside support is not allowed, competitors are allowed to stop at any of the convenience stores / gas stations along the route, if you can find any.

Aerobars may be used.

E-Bikes are not allowed.

Socks must be no higher than the mid-point of your thigh.

If a competitor breaks the rules, they will be immediately disqualified and will forfeit any rights to podiums & payouts.

All rulings made by the Race Director are final.

Don't be a dick.

Mother Road Gravel