Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

Most of us just want to get out and enjoy the day. Grinding away the gravel on our steeds of steel. Rolling with our friends. Nipping on some whiskey. And meeting new friends along the way. Seriously, don't let our racing bravado turn you away from Mother Road Gravel.

Solo Gravel Grinder

All y'all grinders will roll the same 100ish mile course as the competitive racers. Push yourself as hard or as little as you want. Ride, laugh, and enjoy the day. And be sure to stop at our mid way Oasis for some refueling.

100ish Mile Route


26ish Mile Route

Mid-Route Oasis

Our Oasis will be a welcome relief with fresh H20, electrolytes, energy bars, gels & goos, and everything in-between. All with never-ending smiles. Oh, did we forget to mention you'll ride through the Oasis twice?

Beer Garden

Keep on the lookout throughout the day. You just may find a beer garden. Go ahead and stop for a few and enjoy a respite along the way to our Finisher's Paradise.

Single Track

Grinding gravel roads are dope AF. But you know what's even more dope? Rolling some Oklahoma style unmanaged single track. You think you know single track? Think again as the cows fart in your general direction as you're trespassing in their hood.


Hunky fire fighters will bookend a 1-mile stretch of paved road. Slowing vehicular traffic with their firetrucks and flashing lights. Your safety is our priority. And who doesn't like a little man-meat eye-candy along the way?

Course Marshals

The routes are in fairly remote areas. For those sections that may be a more trafficked gravel road, we will be providing course marshals along the way.

Neutral Support

Whether you need some help setting up your bike on Friday at the campground, or Saturday morning before you roll-out, look for the neutral support to get you rolling.

Broom Wagon

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. A sidewall slice. A busted chain. Or just plain done with the day. We got you covered with our broom wagon(s).

And More...

We have a few more surprises up our sleeves. Stay alert, you never know what you may see or encounter out there...

Mother Road Gravel