Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

"But wait," you say, a line forming between your brows. "What if you’re more, you know, the lone wolf type?"

Solo Race - Canceled

You rely only on your own sweat, drive, and Zwift-Induced FTP to get through 100+ miles of grueling gravelly goodness. You might make alliances along the way, but once they have served you, you drop the others and forge ahead. The only thing that matters is crossing the finish line ahead of the rest of the pack.

Yeah, we get it. But at Mother Road Gravel being just you isn’t enough. You’ll need a team if you want to scratch that competitive itch. So grab whatever sweaty friends you haven‘t already hopelessly alienated with your Garbo-ish tendencies and whip them into a gravel crushing team. Trust us, they will thank you later for making them join you on your team of three.

Why was the solo race canceled?

The marquee event of Mother Road Gravel is the 3-Person Team Race. The solo race was causing some confusion, so we decided to simplify things and have a single competitive race category.

You're not believing this? Yeah, us either. Our belief in team is strong. Strong enough that we want to focus primarily on the 3-Person Team Race.

So, quit your bitchin'! Get your team together and scratch that itch to race!!!

Abandonment Issues?

Are your friends at the bedsides of ailing relatives, or do they have to "wash their hair" on May 8th? Then enter as a Solo Gravel Grinder and just enjoy the scenery of the genuinely toothsome rock, sand, and dirt on the rolling roads, and the delicious and delightful amenities offered along the way. You can always throw that gauntlet into the ring and race against the speed freaks another day.

Mother Road Gravel