Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

USAC Permit #2021-3622

You may have noticed we are permitted by USA Cycling. Why? Our goal is to provide a safe event for everyone, including insurability. And USA Cycling has just about the best insurance for participants, volunteers, and even us promoters. Consider this permitting as our way to ensure your safety.

Do I need a USAC membership?

No, you are not required nor do you need to have a USAC membership to participate in Mother Road Gravel. One more time: No.

Then why is MRG USAC permitted?

Properly insuring a cycling event is complicated. Most insurance will simply cover the promoter's liability. Turning a blind-eye to everyone else.

What about the participants? Or volunteers? Or anyone else working with Mother Road Gravel on the day of the event?

USAC has insurance specifically designed to insure everyone involved in a cycling event, not just the promoters and their inner-circle.

Should I buy a USAC membership?

We encourage you to purchase a yearly membership for two reasons:

  1. USAC members are entitled to personal injury insurance while participating in all USAC permitted events, not just the standard liability insurance.
  2. USAC members can also purchase a yearly Spot Insurance policy for only $40/year. (see below)

To this end, Mother Road Gravel has negotiated a 1-year USAC membership at 50% off just for you.

Discount Code

Use the code MOTHERROAD for a 50% discount when renewing or signing up for a USA Cycling membership.

What is Spot Insurance?

USA Cycling is offering all members Spot Insurance for $40/year. The insurance covers all out of pocket medical expenses specifically related to injuries while on the bike. And by all out of pocket, that includes deductibles and other nonsense. And even those without insurance.

From personal experience, Spot takes care of you when the medical expenses come rolling in. Last year, Nov 2020, they paid all out of pocket expenses for my should dislocation; somewhere around $8k of expenses.

Note: MRG is in no way affiliated with Spot Insurance. Just a satisfied consumer.

Note: We personally have Spot's full coverage at $25/mo which covers all injuries, regardless of activity. This offering by USA Cycling only covers cycling related injuries while on the bike. You never know what's going to happen on your next gravel adventure, the next group ride, or even your commute home on the bike. Spot Insurance is an absolute must for all cyclists, in our opinion.

Mother Road Gravel