Mother Road Gravel

May 8, 2021

Novice & Junior Gravel Grinder

It’s okay if you are nervous for your first time: we are here to help make your first experience one to remember! We have a gravel-noob/gravel-curious route that is designed specifically for you!

We won't lie: the trail, which is mostly flat, will still be challenging. There will be opportunities along the way to push yourself if you want more. Be assured, though, you will be safe, and we will be there to help you, whether you bike it all or walk some of it.

What about unexpected mishaps, you ask? Sometimes bad things happen to good people, novice and veteran alike. A sidewall slice. A busted chain. A spot of road rash. Or just plain done with the day. We’ve got you covered with our broom wagon(s) if you need a ride home. And our course marshals will be on patrol at those rare areas where there may be traffic on the rural roads.

So go for it! We’ve got you, so now go register!

Mother Road Gravel